Friday, February 13, 2009

Current Legislation

Presently there is a Bill in Congress to require licensing
of all persons involved with guns. Not only dealers and
manufacturers, but collectors and private citizens also.
There will be no Grandfather clause, if you own a
weapon you will be licensed or a felon. Private sales
between friends and neighbors will be out, as you will
need to be a dealer to sell or trade a weapon. Also there
will be mandatory records keeping of all sales and
transfers, by the Federal Government. This Bill HR-45
is a serious blow to our 2nd Amendment Rights. We all
need to be in contact with our Senators and
Congressmen about this threat to our freedom.

There are also two other Bills in now, HR-17 and
HR-197 that are Pro-Gun and they need our
support also. Contact your Representatives and let
them know where you stand, regardless of their party
affiliation. I have links to all three bills in the right
column of this blog.

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