Saturday, March 14, 2009

Get Your Warfaces On

War has been declared on our Second Amendment Rights and our guns. HR 45 was introduced on Jan 6th, just prior to Barack Obama taking over. It was introduced by one of his Illinois Democratic Cronies.

We cannot and should not standby and watch our rights be eroded one by one. It is time to rise up and declare our own war on the liberal politicians. We need to fight with our votes, our mouths, and our pens. Here in SW Missouri we have a petition going around, to send to our Congressional Representatives and Senators urging their support in this fight against the gun grabbers. Similar action needs to be taken all over at the local level.

The Second Amendment March, scheduled for next year, needs to be preceded by State Marches to show our State Governments where we stand. We are trying to put one together
in our State Capital, Jefferson City.

Reach out and touch someone. Start local letter writing campaigns, get your gun clubs involved.
Start petitions in your own local areas, have rallies in public places, where people can see we are fighting for every one's rights.

Remember, no matter which of the original Bill of Rights falls, the others then become vulnerable also and then we live in a Dictatorship not a Free Society.

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