Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guns and the Economy

In these days of a slow and faltering economy, seasoned gun owners and newbies alike are setting a trend. Gun and ammunition sales have rocketed, gun show attendance is overwhelming and in those free states that allow it, CCW Instructors are very busy.

Gun and ammunition purchases can vary from very expensive to relatively inexpensive. 6 months ago, I purchased a Jimenez compact 9mm, manufactured in the US. It came with a Lifetime Warranty, 2 10rd magazines, and loaded chamber and cocked indicators. I also purchased 500 rounds of Russian 9mm Ammunition and a small holster. The gun was $140, the holster was $18, and the ammo was $84. To date, I have had no problems with any of it. I also own an XD45, that is an excellent weapon in the $500 range.

The Russian ammo is available in many calibers, at reasonable prices under the Wolf and Bear Brands. It is good ammo for everyday shooting and practice, however it is not reloadable due to the steel cases. I do recommend the higher priced US manufactured, high expansion, hollow points for CCW and home defense. My personal preference is the Federal Hydra-Shok or Remington Golden Sabres, but there are many others put out by the other manufacturers that are just as effective.

Buy now, while you still can and help our economy.

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