Sunday, April 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

I recently joined the Outdoor Bloggers Summit. There are a lot of good blogs on their blogroll, not just about guns but nature and conservation also. You can click on the button in the right column and it will take you there. I highly recommend their blogroll for good reading.

In his blog, The Shootist, Gordon Hutchinson has a post entitled "Paranoia is Good". The Shootist is listed in my blog list and also on the OBS list. I highly recommend reading his
articles also. Gordon has served many years in Law Enforcement and in training, he has also written two books.

Another good blog, that I recommend for those of you who are Survivalists or Preppers, is Stealth Survival. River Walker discusses many aspects of survival and has many links to suppliers, safety information, etc. Again, a link to his blog can be found on mine and the OBS lists.

Two other good gun blogs are, Home on the Range and The Breda Fallacy. The are both written by ladies who are excellent writers, and they also include some delicious sounding recipes.

On his website, Canovi and Associates, Matt Canovi offers different training courses. Matt has also spent many years in Law Enforcement and training, I consider Matt to be my Guru. I have a set of his training DVDs and even though I have not had the opportunity to do any actual training with him, his DVDs have changed my mindset and improved my shooting, greatly. A link to his site is in my Gun Information Site list.

As closing thoughts, We do not carry a weapon to kill, we carry a weapon to keep from being killed. We do not shoot to kill, we shoot to stop the threat. Force can only be overcome by greater force.


  1. Thank you for the kind words about the OBS. I'm pleased you've decided to join us.

  2. Very cool blog. I found it on the OBS site.

    Keep up the good work!