Saturday, September 19, 2009

Before you carry

Before you decide to carry that weapon, there are some things you need to consider. There are emotional, legal, and civil concerns that can be the aftermath of the use of deadly force.

From an emotional stand point, the decision to take a human life has to be considered, before you put that weapon on. If you are not ready to pull the trigger without hesitation, then you are a danger to yourself. The slightest hesitation on your part gives the bad guy the upper hand. The taking of a human life, is not an easy thing to live with and requires a good support system. Again, if you do not think you can cope with that, then leave the weapon behind.

Legally speaking, you are solely responsible for you actions. There is nothing I can find in any State Law that allows you to act as a Police Officer. Likewise there is nothing that says you can shoot at an unarmed suspect or assailant, or one that is trying to escape. From all the State Carry Laws, that I have read, you must be in immediate fear for you own or another’s life. This can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and you may be arrested and need to prove your case in court. The minute you pull that trigger, you cease to be the victim. Make sure you have neutralized anymore threat and secure your weapon, before the Police Officers arrive. When they arrive, cooperate fully but, request time to collect your thoughts and seek legal advice before making any statements. This is a courtesy they would extend to another Police Officer and you should be entitled to that same courtesy. Be polite and consider the fact that they are not sure what has happened, when they first arrive.

Civilly, you do not need to be found guilty or even charged to be sued for wrongful death. Remember the person you shot has a family, who cared as much for them as your family cares for you. No guilt has to be proved in a civil suit to lose the lawsuit and be bankrupted. All of us need to investigate private liability insurance, to cover us in this type of instance.

The above statements are my personal opinions and not meant to discourage anyone from using their Second Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms. They are meant to be purely informational.


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