Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Town Hall

I know it has nothing to do with guns, but I attended Senator Claire McCaskill's Town Hall in Springfield, on Monday. I did not arrive in time to get in so I sat across the street with a large group of protesters. It was amazing to see how many conservative people were there. I really think we had the supporters highly out numbered. We were there with cheap homemade signs and all the Pro Obama Care folks were there with professionally printed signs. I have but one thing to say to my govt, keep your hands off my health care. I want to thank all the Patriotic Resistance members and just plain folks that wanted to be heard for showing up and Tom Martz
for being there also, with his Domestic Terrorist Tee Shirts. He sells them online@ The Ozarks Minutemen and the Fair Tax folks were also represented. Vincent David Jericho of our local Conservative Talk Radio Station KSGF was also on hand interviewing folks. It was a good day all around.

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